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I always pick up trash while walking/hiking/running especially in my neighborhood (because the trash in neighborhoods wash into the storm drain and ends up on trails) but sometimes when I'm on a run and a ways from home, I don't really feel like running with 5 empty water bottles in my hand.

One day I was walking with my handful of trash (I had just finished a run so I didn't bring a bag with me and was picking up empty water bottles on the side of the road) and a lady saw me and told me I was welcome to throw them in her recycle bin that she had just set out.

I thought that was so thoughtful and came home and made this sign for my house. Download your free sign today to print out. You can tape it to your trashcan or put it in your hard. We will also have stickers and yard signs for sale.

How many more people would pick up trash in their neighborhood if they saw these signs and knew they didn't have to carry it home or just simply had the reminder to Leave it Better??