Debbie Simon

Debbie is an avid hiker and yoga teacher and loves combining her yoga in nature. She is also a 500 hour RYT and has been instrumental in the formation of our workshops and and leads our 10 hour CEU Yoga for Hikers Workshop

When asked why the outdoors are important, Debbie answered, "Outdoors is where we get our best breath, where we can be united with all that nature has to offer, we learn about ourselves, the change of weather teaches us to accept life as it is and still go outside. Being outside is life giving and a connection to something greater than ourselves."

In addition to Exploring all of the local trails at home, Debbie embodies the ExploreMore spirit when she travels as well! When asked about her favorite outdoor activity, Debbie answered "Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity. I love being in the realness of nature that a hike presents. I am my truest self when I hike. I hike locally and always find a trail when I go out of town."

Thank you for joining the team Debbie!


Heather Mincieli

Heather is a certified yoga instructor and spends as much time outdoors with her 2 young daughters as she can. She also leads yoga classes through her own company, Trinity Yoga, and enjoys leading Vino and Vinyasa and helping non yogis feel comfortable trying out a new activity while also meeting new people. "It’s a great way to get people who wouldn’t normally come to a yoga class to come try one.  They’ll tolerate the yoga with some friends if they get the wine reward afterwards.  The feedback I get from these “non yoga” attendees is that they never really knew what it was like to do a yoga class and they liked it.  It was different from what they thought, and it was enjoyable."


When asked why the outdoors are important, Heather answered, "I think the outdoors are important because it’s important for us to connect with nature.  Sounds canned, I know.  But there’s something about connecting with things that are alive.  There’s an energy that is meaningful and should be respected that you just can’t get from only being indoors.  You can’t get the same fulfillment from playing games on your phone. We (humans) have turned into an indoor society where people don’t know how to talk to or treat each other.  I’m thinking about things like online bullying and things like that.  Simply being outside can change that perspective, minimize depression, and enhance quality of life.  

This video is the type of thing that gets me.  Partly because I also played kick the can outside when I was a kid (and I’m not that old) and I also remember saying things like, no- I don’t want to go on that bike ride, I’d rather stay inside and watch a movie.  I can see myself on both sides of this equation because I feel like have been.  It’s not the outdoor enthusiast we need to convert, it’s the indoor enthusiast we need to excite.  

There are mental and physical health pieces that are important and that can be addressed by simply getting people comfortable with being outdoors."

Thank you for joining the team Heather! 

Jasson Osborn

Jasson, (pronounced Ja- Saun) is a 200hr RYT with a soul of all things mindful.  Jasson’s heart lives outside of her body with two teenage sons who are her world.  Yoga has brought a place of belonging and clarity for Jasson, and she wants to share that passion with the world.  Her teaching style is powerful, upbeat and usually includes a few laughs.  Jasson is an avid runner, loves to read and listen to music, crafter and Senior Director of Customer Success at a marketing company.  She is also a foodie and will drive the distance for a good meal.  A proud graduate of Oklahoma State University and Denver born and raised, football is a big part of her life and it shows on game day and beyond.


Jasson joined our Yoga for Hikers Workshop in January. She appreciates the outdoors because nature gives her time to decompress.  She says "the fresh air and sun can do wonders for your mood.  I encourage everyone to get outside everyday, if even for only 10 mins."


When asked why she wanted to be an ExploreMore Guide, Jasson said "I had a collapsed vertebrae  which required spinal fusion in 2020, so running will no longer be my  primary form of outdoor activity. I have always been curious about hiking but afraid of the unknown.  When I saw the opportunity to combine my love for Yoga, mindfulness and the outdoors, I took it.  I want people to know they can move through diversity and that there are no limits and to get outside, it's good for the soul."
Thanks for joining the team Jasson!

Jennifer Kimble

Jennifer Kimble is an certified running coach and ultra trail runner, yoga teacher, backpacker and over all explorer! Jennifer has led hike, yoga and brews and trail running clinics with ExploreMore for awhile and has also hiked a large portion of the Appalachian Trail. She also joined the Yoga for Hikers Workshop in January.

When asked why the outdoors are important to her, Jennifer said "Because that is where I feel the most alive, and the most connected to my soul.  Also- I think that nature is literally the best medicine for everything.  I love to travel, to climb the highest mountains and to find my strong.  It is a place where I can truly breathe."

When asked why she wants to be a Landloper, Jennifer said "I feel like it is my mission to get people to get out and play!  I have been wanting to do this for so long now, and am so happy to have found ExploreMore".

Thank you for joining the team Jennifer!

Melissa Garrett

Melissa is a local yoga teacher who owns Yogi Treehouse in Connemara Nature Preserve in Allen Texas. They host outdoor yoga classes, meditative walks, outdoor aerial yoga classes and more. Melissa also lead hike and yoga events with ExploreMore locally at Sister Grove Trail. She loves anything that gets her outside and in nature. 

When asked why the outdoors are important to her, Melissa said "Being Connected to Nature is Healing." Melissa posts many resources on the Yogi Treehouse social media accounts that teach in depth why being in nature is so needed. 

When asked why she wanted to be a guide, Melissa said "I want to get into hiking and explore additional opportunities to get outside and meet like minded people." Melissa shares our passion to get people outside so they can find freedom in nature. 

Thank you for joining the team Melissa!

Sarah De Leon

Sarah De Leon got connected to us through the Texas Trailhead Collective. She attended our Yoga for Hikers Workshop in January of 2022 and quickly joined out team. She loves Big Cedar and Dogwood Canyon and often joins workdays with Texas Land Conservancy at Oak Cliff Nature Preserve. She also leads hike, yoga and brews at all of these locations. Check our full calendar and register for one of her hikes here

When asked why the outdoors are important to her, Sarah said "I grew up always wanting to be outside, and with parents who constantly took me on adventures. To me its freedom, beauty, and overall health. It can be exciting or relaxing. Really whatever you need it to be in the moment, the outdoors is always there for you."

When asked why she wants to be a guide, Sarah said "To share my passion for the outdoors, and to show people that it can be a part of their daily or weekly lives right here at home, rather than just something to look forward to on a once a year vacation."

Thank you for joining the team Sarah!


  • Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries are our friends in Wyoming who offer amazing Backcountry experiences. See their many courses for teens, adults, men, women and co-ed here. Feeling crazy adventurous?? Check out their 40 day backpacking trip in Wyoming here. Let them know Haley with ExploreMore referred you for $50 off.


  • Texas Survival School offers awesome survival training weekends in DFW. Head to their website for their full calendar of classes. They have survival training for all levels! 


  • Survival Med offers many different online courses such as Wilderness First Aid, Basic Survival, Solo Travel For Women and more. We recommend everyone who goes into the backcountry have at least some knowledge of Wilderness First Aid. While an in person training is great, sometimes it is hard to fit it into our schedule.