Barbra Fliege

Hi, I’m Barbra Fliege.  I started my yoga journey in 2000, like most of Generation X did, with books from my local library.  From there I moved on to Rodney Yee videos, and classes at my local YMCA and yoga studios in the Chicago suburbs.  I had always been fascinated with the strength, flexibility, and calm that yogis possessed.  I loved the way I felt after my first in person class and I knew my journey was far from over.  After moving to Texas in 2016, I began to notice that finding a yoga class that met my working mom schedule was incredibly difficult.  Deciding that I needed to be the change I wished to see, I signed up for yoga teacher training at Yama Yoga in Canton.  My goal is to offer yoga to those who might be in a similar situation.  I want everyone to feel the benefits of yoga.

My husband is a Jeep Enthusiast and loves off-roading so we go on many off-roading trips with our son.  While I am not into the slow thrills of rock crawling, I love to hike and photograph the scenario.  I also enjoy gardening, bird watching, and spending time outdoors.  I am very excited to share my love of yoga and the outdoors with everyone while working with ExploreMore as a Landloper.  Can’t wait to see you at the next Yoga, Hike, and Brew or Beer Breath event! 

Jessy Coleman

Jessy Coleman is the first Landloper to join ExploreMore and joined in April 2020. Jessy really understands the importance of being outside, exploring and just having fun. She leads our Hike, Yoga and Brews in the Oak Cliff area as well as some family scavenger hunts to encourage family time outdoors. She also is a beer loving yogi (and has her own yoga company that you can check out here) and an avid trail runner.

When asked why the outdoors are important to her, Jessy said "Community is one piece of it. The other is it’s a way to find yourself. It’s coming out of the normal day to day life and realizing who you really are, not what your environment tells you you are. I’ve had some pretty awesome experiences with hand drawn maps from someone in a community center in a small Colorado town trying to find a trailhead and then it raining and when I wanted to cry just burst out laughing. Also, if you are climbing a 14er perhaps and you can see all around you, just being in awe that your little tiny body got you to the top and you get to see way outside of what may be a concrete jungle. Goes back to mindset. The outdoors let you remember who you really are as a human.

I want to be a landloper because I want to help people get a taste of those experiences that I’ve described. It’s a basic human need and it’s so overwhelming. If someone can get a taste of that and bring it to their everyday life, that would be something that can spread to others and remind us all that we’re all human. Kindness really and truly comes from that. My trail community has been there for me way more than sometimes my blood family. People need to feel connected."

Jennifer Kimble

Jennifer Kimble is an certified running coach and ultra trail runner, yoga teacher, backpacker and over all explorer! Jennifer has led hike, yoga and brews and trail running clinics and in April, Jennifer starts the Appalachian trail and we are so excited to follow her journey and support her as she explores more. You can follow her journey here.

When asked why the outdoors are important to her, Jennifer said "Because that is where I feel the most alive, and the most connected to my soul.  Also- I think that nature is literally the best medicine for everything.  I love to travel, to climb the highest mountains and to find my strong.  It is a place where I can truly breathe."

When asked why she wants to be a Landloper, Jennifer said "I feel like it is my mission to get people to get out and play!  I have been wanting to do this for so long now, and am so happy to have found ExploreMore".



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