ExploreMore DFW

ExploreMore has 3 levels for our Outdoor Explorations so that we have something for everyone! Our 3 levels are Backyard, Backwoods and Backcountry.



Backyard experiences are those that will take up anywhere from 1 hour to half a day. They will be in easy to access places and very budget and beginner friendly. These are great for families as well and kids 16 and under are always free! 


Hike, Yoga and Brew

Our Hike, Yoga and Brew events is the most popular backyard event that ExploreMore offers. We combine 3 of our favorite things to bring you a one of a kind adventure!

When you join one of our hikes, you will experience a guided hike by one of our Landlopers on a local trail (maybe one you didn't know was available to you), a 30-45 minute family friendly outdoor yoga class and a ticket for one item to a local watering hole, coffee shop or eatery. For the month of October, we will be giving out 2 beer tickets for each of our hike, yoga and brew events to celebrate Oktoberfest! Courtesy of Friendly Financial Services.

Our goal is to introduce you to new trails, businesses, activities and people and ultimately get YOU outside and exploring your town.  

We would LOVE for you to join us and ExploreMore!



Backwoods Experiences will take you more out of your comfort zone but will create great memories and still be very accessible! They will be a bit longer and may take minimal travel and skill. They will be day long trips or overnight but no longer than one night and still close to home.


Backcountry Experiences will be just that – in the backcountry. They will require someone on the guide staff to have necessary certifications, as well as any other necessary qualifications relevant to the specific backcountry experience. They will be multi-day trips and create memories you will cherish forever!

We have also partnered with Texas Survival School to offer survival training weekends. Head to their website for their full calendar of classes. They have survival training for all levels!