Backpacking Food Guide

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Packing the right kind and right amount of food is crucial for a successful backpacking trip. This guide will show you what and how much food to bring for a weekend trip. You never want to run out of food but too much food can leave you with more weight to carry than necessary. 

You burn quite a bit of calories backpacking so you want to make sure you eat enough. Also, the more you eat, the less you have to carry. You know yourself so make adjustments from this guide where necessary and this is just a guide and what we take on our trips. It is NOT a one size fits all guide.

If this is your first trip, be sure to have someone who is experienced or go with a guiding company. ExploreMore guides trips throughout the year as well so join one of our trips. Or if you have some friends and you all want to adventure together, reach out for a quote on a custom trip.

Enjoy and have fun Exploring! 

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