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Written by Madison Lawson Opossums get a bad rap, seen as giant, disgusting rats or just another piece of roadkill. But the truth of the Opossum is so much better. This (arguably cute) creature is the only marsupial of North America and are the superheroes of the American backyard. Let’s start off with some cool facts about the Opossum. First, did you know they have the equivalent of opposable toes, or “hallux,” on their back feet? They share this fact only with primates, pandas, and rats. Not even humans have opposable toes. Plus, their tails are pretty impressive. Many refer...

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Written by Haley Cottey On April 22nd, 1970, millions of Americans rallied on the first Earth Day from coast to coast to demonstrate their shared value for a healthy and sustainable environment. Organized protests took place all over the country to protest businesses, factories and power plants that were polluting and contributing to loss of wildlife and wilderness. Those with few other commonalities stood side by side to show that our earth is for us all no matter our political, spiritual, or economic alignment. In 1969, Santa Barbara, California suffered from a massive oil spill which led US Senator Gaylord Nelson...

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