I Interview THE Lewis Smith

As much at home behind the pulpit as he is in his classroom, where he teaches history to students of six different grades, Lewis also loves walking down ancient riverbeds seeking to add to his museum-like collection of stone artifacts left behind by Texas’ ancient inhabitants. He has even helped excavate the fossilized remains of a Mosasaur, a type of marine dinosaur that roamed the shallow seas that once covered his neck of the woods more than 70,000,000 years ago. 
We sit down and talk about Indian artifacts, fossils, history and the many adventures Mr. Smith has had on the North Sulphur riverbed. On the interview he does some show and tell which obviously we cannot see on the Podcast but I'll try to upload to YouTube. In the meantime, check out his YouTube (link below) to see some much better quality videos of his many fossils. 
Follow his many adventures below:

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