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I have hiked with Haley a number of times and each time was everything I'd hoped it would be. The paths she chooses are well maintained and are beginner oriented—-perfect for watching where you’re going, looking at flora, fauna, watching/listening to birds, enjoying the day whatever weather it brings, chatting or not chatting with your fellow hikers (it’s all good), and BEING OUTSIDE.

Plus, whatever path she chooses, I guarantee you something will be different every time. With Haley, the familiar is fun and the new is fun!

She always hikes a path herself prior to leading a group. And she has an app she shares so that you too, can follow and see where you’re going or have been.

An added bonus to the hiking experience if you wish, is to pick up trash along the way. Remember the adage, “Leave it cleaner than you found it”? There is never judgment should you not want to pick up trash—-but if you do, and you’ve picked up more than anybody else, she has a simple prize for you.

The most rewarding part of hiking with Haley is that you are joined by like-minded people and are doing something in appreciation of nature.

Jan Self